Season 5/Episode 9: Why I Wrote The Hidden Secrets?
The Messy MindMarch 16, 2024x
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Season 5/Episode 9: Why I Wrote The Hidden Secrets?

Listen in as Tammy shares why she wrote this book. There is a bonus from Tammy: An audio version of Chapter 1! Grab your copy here.

Here is a bit more insight into Tammy's journey to the book:

After years of struggle with broken relationships and disconnected friendships, I decided to unlock the secrets that supported me in becoming a confident and effective communicator!

Back in the day, striking up conversations, especially with strangers, felt like attempting a tightrope walk without a safety net. 😅 It's still a journey for me, but looking back, it's incredible to see the progress I've made, especially as a Tech Professional. Now I want to support YOU!

So, here's the big reveal: I've penned down my experiences and the secrets I've uncovered along the way in my ebook, 'The Hidden Secrets of Master Communicators.' 📚

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