Season 5/Episode 2: The Do's and Don'ts of ChatGPT
The Messy MindJanuary 23, 2024x
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Season 5/Episode 2: The Do's and Don'ts of ChatGPT

Dive into the fascinating world of Chat GPT with me! As a passionate small business owner, Tammy’s been riding the wave of this incredible tool since 2022. But let's not just use it—master it for maximum impact!

Tune in where Tammy spills the beans on the do's and don'ts of incorporating Chat GPT into your professional journey. Learn how to stand out and make waves in the business world. And guess what?

She gets the inside scoop from fantastic experts like @Ruben Hassid (Check him out on YouTube!) - Tammy's absolute go-to for all things AI. His insights can elevate your game and help you make the most of Chat GPT and other AI tools.

Let's make Chat GPT work wonders FOR us, not the other way around. Curious about Tammy's strategies with this tool? Don't hesitate to reach out! If you know Tammy, you know she is all about sharing the secrets to success.

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