S4/Episode 15: Are You Against the Wall?
The Messy MindMay 09, 2023x
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S4/Episode 15: Are You Against the Wall?

In this episode of The Messy Mind podcast, Tammy delves into the realm of communication and its impact on personal and professional life. Drawing inspiration from her favorite TV show, Shark Tank, Tammy shares a relatable story about an entrepreneur struggling with communication during a pitch. She emphasizes the significance of effective communication skills and highlights the challenges faced by introverts in expressing themselves. Tammy explores the concept of having one's "back against the wall" as a catalyst for pushing through communication barriers. Through her own journey of overcoming communication fears, she inspires listeners to examine their own obstacles and embrace growth. Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for improving communication skills.

What You'll Learn:

• The importance of effective communication skills in personal and professional life.

• The challenges faced by introverts and individuals with communication issues.

• Insights into the concept of having one's "back against the wall" as a motivator for growth.

• Practical strategies to overcome communication challenges and improve expressive abilities.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Shark Tank: https://www.sharktank.com
  • Stu McLaren: (https://stumclaren.com/
  • Uncomfortable to Unstoppable: Tammy's new digital course on effective communication in the information technology space. Learn methods and approaches to enhance your communication skills. Visit https://www.nexlevelconsultingllc.com/learnwithtammy for more information.

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